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DRYLEX is specialized in the manufacturing all construction-related chemicals which are used to enhance the strength, durability, and look of your High Rise Buildings, Shopping Malls, Roads, Highways, Airports, Dams and Flyovers etc. By using our Chemicals, your facilities are bound to be protected from all typical construction-related problems such as water leakages, seepage, wall cracks, floor cracks, concrete breakdown in walls, etc. When our products are applied, your building’s strength and durability increase without putting extra burden on your budget.
Our wide range of products includes: Admixtures & Surface Treatments, Grouts and Anchors, Water proofing Materials, Industrial Floorings, Concrete Repairs, Protective Coatings, Joint Sealants, Adhesives, Asphalt emulsion, For quality/standard DRYLEX. laboratory keeps the latest testing equipment.

Each and every batch is tested in the supervision of well qualified chemist. Due to excellent quality at lower prices DRYLEX has supplied construction chemicals to a number of valuable projects in the world . to serve commercial and residential construction industry by utilizing our vast research, experience and expertise. Along with our Products, We also provide expert service through support teams committed to serving valued customers throughout its regions.

Our team members are well trained to be experts in solving all problems, needs, and concerns.