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Vegetable Oil Based Concentrated Mould Release Agent



Product Description

Vegetable Oil Based Concentrated Mould Release Agent


Agol R is a water miscible, vegetable oil based shutter release agent in concentrated form. The
product is designed especially for the easy/effortless release of detailed formsworks-such as
steel, plastic and plywood- ensuring a spotless, smooth concrete surface.


• Suitable for every type of formwork. (wooden, metal, plastic etc.)
• Allows a uniform, stain-free, smooth surface.
• Reduces the amount of concrete residues saving from cleaning times reducing labour costs.
• Will not cause clogging in spray guns thanks to its low viscosity.
• Economical. Optimum performance is reached with minimum consumption.
• Protects the plywood formwork’s film coat. Does not contain harmful chemicals with abrasive
effects which shortens the service life and surface quality of formwork.
• Eco-friendly; 100% biodegradable.
• Concentrated product saves from transportation costs.