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TechnoShot C schotcrete is a dry shotcrete based on a modified hydraulic cement for a very rapid set. TechnoShot C Shotcrete also has greatly enhanced shooting characteristics and physical properties due to specially selected ad-mixtures.


Product Description

TechnoShot C Shotcrete is designed to be used with the Dry Process. It was specifically
developed for the following applications
Sealing a raveling surface.
• Spraying onto wet areas to contain and direct the water flow.
• Providing “instant” temporary support in wet or unconsolidated ground. TechnoShot C” Shotcrete may be used in combination with steel fbre reinforcement to enhance load carrying capacity.
Instant Set: TechnoShot C Shotcrete sets within moments of application to create a sealing membrane and provide limited immediate support. Stickiness: TechnoShot C Shotcrete has vastly improved cohesion characteristics compared to conventional shotcrete Rebound is significantly reduced, resulting in lower material usage. Sagging and sloughing are eliminated. Physical properties: Silica fume in TechnoShot C Shotcrete creates a higher strength shotcrete with low permeability and excellent freeze/thaw durability. Resistance to water washout: TechnoShot C” Shotcrete in the plastic state has tremendous re-sistance to washout by flowing water. This allows it to be applied to moderately wet surfaces.