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SPETEC® roots go back more than 35 years, when chemical grout injection technology was still in full development. As one of the pioneers in the industry, SPETEC® developed and improved its chemical grout technology over the last 3 decades. Where 1-component Polyurethane based grouts were the initial products in the range of SPETEC®, 2-component Polyurethane systems were later added. Recently a full range of Acrylic based injection resins have been added to the range of SPETEC®. Geographically SPETEC® expanded from a local producer to an international player, with project applications spanning all continents. SPETEC® injection resins are mainly used in the waterproofing of below-grade structures such as tunnels, metro stations, dams, basements and in the condition of soils for waterproofing, chemical containment, coagulation and strengthening. SPETEC® today is not merely committed to supply quality products to the industry but to provide comprehensive solutions to the problems our customers face. Backed up by a professional team of engineers and specialists, SPETEC® keeps on expanding its presence worldwide.